Hair Extensions

Samy, our professional hair extension technician at Hair by Mitch has over 8 years’ experience as a senior stylist. She has been applying micro ring and nano ring extensions to many satisfied customers for over 4 years.

Before and after…

The ‘micro ring’ and ‘nano ring’ hair extensions is one of the newest application systems and has become the most popular system worldwide due to it’s natural look and comfort.

Tiny undetectable rings are applied to your hair and the hair extension is then clamped to these. The rings are lined with silicone for extra comfort and are available in a wide range of colours to match almost all natural hair types.

The method is harmless and has no glue, heat or chemicals. Unlike some, Samy only uses Indian Grade 5A, the best quality of hair, which does not matt or tangle.

Assuming the hair extensions are looked after they will normally last between 6-9 months. As the extensions are of course real hair and just like your own, hair can be damaged if the recommended care routine is not followed.

To prevent damage to your own hair it is recommended to have a follow up appointment every 6 weeks to re-adjust the rings back up to the root and to remove any unwanted hair when it grows out.


The removal process is also very simple; special clamps are used to open up the rings to remove the extensions safely. This should be undertaken by a trained extensionist to prevent any risk of damage to your natural hair which can occur if attempted at home.

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