Dear Friends

A few months have passed since closing my beloved salon at the end of February, the time has come for me to share the next stage in my journey. I will be pleased to introduce you to “The Buddha Basement” which is based on the very same values that made Hair by Mitch so successful.

Let me say from the outset that it was a huge wrench to close the salon I started singlehanded in 2009 with just the beautiful Cookie my trainee assistant by my side. To be honest, all I wanted was a peaceful life, a tranquil salon that offered a sanctuary brimming with love and peace for few customers to experience something very different from the corporate chains. I was touched that so many took the salon to their hearts, often describing the quirky decor and warm atmosphere as an extension of my home and personality which was a wonderful compliment.

Although I gave it my all, I never dreamt the salon would become such a huge success, win awards and gain a 5* reputation that extended over such a wide radius. Thrilled as I was, it sadly took its toll, initially on my health and later on my personal life.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any disruption the salon’s closure had on you my precious customers. Being very spiritual, I did have a deep sense that the future was very uncertain for me and as recent events with Covid-19 have unfolded, even I underestimated how profound it would be for us all.

Welcome to the Buddha Basement!

This is my personal, quiet and bijou salon in Surbiton that I operate entirely by myself to offer the very personal one on one service that both I and my customers prefer. If my last salon was regarded as a little haven of peace, the Buddha Basement turns this up to the maximum!

Those that know me, know that the quality and creativity of my work is what gave the salon its lasting reputation. It was a pleasure to transfer these skills that have enabled Cookie and the subsequent trainees to go on to establish successful careers.

For those who don’t know me so well, I was very fortunate to be trained by Sassoon London where I learnt my diverse range of technical cutting skills from the best of the best. I progressed to become a Sassoon Trainer and believe that a style should suit your personality first, not be limited by your stylist’s competencies or aspirations to follow the latest trend. A L’Oreal Colour Expert, I love the scope of creativity that modern product enables, without compromising natural subtlety.

Ultimately, I believe your hair should make you feel great to the core, and that only happens with some special love and care.

In today’s world safety must come first, so please see my Covid-19 Safety Policy. I offer a true one on one service where you will be in the safest of hands.

Love and Peace


Mitch x